We work with extremely skilled professionals and companies, partnering to provide the 360º high-end services that you and your business deserve.

Zenith Art & Fashion (Miami)

One of the most renowned spaces in the Miami / Florida area, Zenith Art & Fashion fusions international contemporary art and fashion working with all kind of artists: from first-timers and emerging collectors to loyal enthusiasts, seasoned collectors and public or private institutions and foundations.

Destilerías Compostela S.A

RD Consulting is the exporting parting for Compostela Distillery, S.A. in LATAM, us and Canada markets. It was founded in 1999, with the aim of distilling Galician grapes pomace, as Galician liquors ‘orujos’ have always achieved international renown.

Classic Wines

Classic Wines is one of the leading companies in Global logistics and distribution of Premium wines and spirits in the USA. Their expertise allows wineries to focus on producing great wines and wine distributors to focus on the core elements of marketing and sales.


Atlas Marketing Studio is a global digital marketing agency that helps companies and institutions from all over the world to reach internationalization creating and implementing integral digital strategies.


HBS-Delli is the main supplier of a wide range of Food and Beverages for the Tourist market in the Caribbean and Pacific area.